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Your SmartCore version: 2.3.14

Release notes

= SmartCore(tm) Release notes =

==SmartCore 2.3==
1. Automated the install and upgrade procedure. When upgrading from SmartCore <2.2, the 
necessary replacements (outlined below) in content pages still need to be processed
2. Introduced the option to let the input type for an element type on a form determined 
by the system default.

== SmartCore 2.2 ==
Replaced form and template code with php code for knowledgemodel, elementtype, elementproperty, and elementrelation.

To upgrade from a previous version 2.0/2.1, perform these actions in the exact order:
 1. delete all pages from Category:Kennismodule WikiXL SmartCore™
 2. import "Kennismodule_WikiXL_SmartCore_nl.xml" from this extension's wiki folder
 3. search and replace the following in content pages (quotes are for readability only):
    - "{{Kennismodel"               => "{{#knowledgemodel:"        (in Category:Kennismodellen)
    - "{{Elementtype"               => "{{#elementtype:"           (in Category:Elementtypen)
    - "{{Elementtype-eigenschappen" => "{{#elementtypeproperties:" (in Category:Elementtypen)
    - "{{Elementtyperelatie"        => "{{#elementtyperelation:"   (in Category:Elementtypen)
    - "{{Elementeigenschap"         => "{{#elementproperty:"       (in Category:Elementeigenschappen)
    - "{{Elementrelatie"            => "{{#elementrelation:"       (in Category:Elementrelaties)
 4. test the upgrade by visiting Category:Kennismodellen and navigating and editing knowledge models, 
    elementtypes, properties, and relations.

== SmartCore 2.1 ==
Introduced SmartCore Object Model (SCOM) and generic RDF reader.

== SmartCore 2.0 ==

This is the first SmartCore version in which functionality has been moved from in-wiki templates and
forms to PHP extension code.

The templates Element, Creëer_veld_voor_elementrelaties and Creëer_veld_voor_elementeigenschappen have
been obsoleted, and are used solely to display pre-2.0 contents when viewing page history.

=== New features ===

=== Fixes ===
This version fixes the following issues:
* Historical revisions always displayed the semantic property values of the latest revision
* Input type 'checkbox' is properly handled. When multiple checkboxes are needed, use input type 'checkboxes'

In order to upgrade from a pre-2.0 version to SmartCore 2.0, do the following:
* The contents of Form:Element should be completely replaced with the single tag {{#elementform:}}   
* All {{Element}} template invocations should be replaced with {{#element:}} invocations. This can be done through a site-wide search and replace.
** Using Special:ReplaceText, search for "{{Element |" and "{{Element
|" and replace with {{#element: 
|" (note the \n and | -- the latter is especially important for the form to recognize the element)
* Apply the new template Standaard_elementopmaak to fix the issue that historical revisions display the semantic property values of the latest revision
* This upgrade requires that 'formlink's in Template:Elementtype and Template:Elementtypecategorie are replaces with 'forminput's:
** Vul hier de naam in van een nieuw element van het type {{PAGENAME}}: {{#forminput:form=Element|query string=Element[ElementtypeID]={{#Show:{{#var:varelementtype}}|?ElementtypeID#}}}}